Beware of social media, Commissioner tells women

Everyone is being constantly monitored in some way or the other, he says

“In the world of technology we live in, everyone is constantly monitored in some way or the other and hence there is a need to be cautious,” said Police Commissioner A.K. Viswanathan here on Friday.

He was speaking at ‘Women’s safety awareness programme’ at Tidel Park.

“In the film Ocean’s Eleven , Julia Roberts says, ‘In your hotel, there is always someone watching.’ That's how it works now. There are CCTV cameras everywhere and in a way, this kind of a technology helps us arrest the accused,” he said.

In social media too the situation was no different. “You have to be very careful about what you do and what you share on social media. What you write on social media remains there forever,” he added.

“Stalking and eve-teasing are the other issues that women often face. Stalking is unfortunately glorified in some films and it should be condemned,” he said.

He noted how sexual harassment at work place should be dealt with and women should carefully discuss and come forward to complain to either the office or to the police.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Rohit Nathan Rajagopal said the IT industry had helped many people from rural areas move to the big cities, and they were suddenly brought face to face with corporate culture. “For instance, a person may be the first graduate in the family and may have joined work in the city, but a casual hug in an informal team activity or gathering can sometimes be mistaken. Often, personal and professional lives get blurred. So, companies have modules or training for new recruits so that the transition is easier for them and there are no issues,” he said.

Garima Tyagi, Diversity and Inclusion India Head, Verizon, said, companies should also have regular sensitisation programmes on sexual harassment at work place.

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