City police move to prevent chain snatching, break-ins

Prepare list of offenders to keep track of their movements; more check points to come up

With housebreakings and incidents of chain snatching rampant in the city, the Coimbatore City Police have got into a preventive mode.

The police have created a list of history-sheeters (either named accused or arrested) who were involved in the two crimes in Coimbatore city in the last five years. As per the list, 147 persons had involved in chain snatching cases in Coimbatore city in the last five years. The number of persons involved in housebreakings in the same period was 117.

“The police will closely monitor the people in the two lists to prevent them from committing further crimes. Policemen will go to their houses and check their current status like profession, involvement in crime, etc.,” said P. Perumal Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime), Coimbatore city.

He said that the initiative was taken based on the direction of City Police Commissioner K. Periaiah, who was closely reviewing occurrence of crime in the city and taking remedial actions.

According to Mr. Perumal, “Section 110 of Code of Criminal Procedure (Security for good behaviour from habitual offenders) can be invoked on such history-sheeters and make them execute bonds if necessary,” Violating the bond can lead to their arrest, he said.

Internal check points

In another preventive measure, the police will set up 20 internal checkpoints at various locations within the city. There are already 15 such check points on the city’s periphery.

In a majority of the chain snatching cases, the accused were found using two-wheelers bearing fake registration numbers. Such practices will be detected at the internal checkpoints.

As per the assessment done by the city police, major share of chain snatching incidents were reported in Coimbatore east and south where offenders had said there were many ‘escape routes’.

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