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Our pranav law firm has experienced & talented lawyers and best in class of technology and software for dealing NRI clients. 1. Client can reach us in any route i.e website, direct call to 9443437736 or visit our office. 2. Get the case details from the client and share you the review report. 3. The report includes the further legal processes and fee details. 4. Based on your acceptance we proceed your case further. 5. For NRI clients, we have online case management system achieves complete information for each client and any time you can get case details and regular updates and progress reports are provided every client.

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Lal Mohd: Divorce in Islam

Most of the people of other religions trust that a married Muslim man can disband his marriage at any time by saying to his wife: "Talaq, talaq, talaq" at one chance of his own free spirit and wish.
Behind solemnization of marriage between parties, if some problems occur, the husband can dissociate his wife. The question is how he divorces his partner, and whether proclamation of divorce three times at one incident is valid.

Actually the triple pronouncement (TALAQ… TALAQ… TALAQ…) of TALAQ has been prohibited by law in many countries, including Bangladesh, Iraq, Iran, Tunisia, Algeria, Indonesia, Turkey and but in India it still permits."

St. Xavier's College of Islamic Studies Professor Mr. Zeenat Shaukat Ali, published an article in Indian Express with titled: "Divorce, Divorce, Divorce." He tried to clear up misconceives by Muslims and others on the triple announcement of Talaq. 

The main points were:

  • Talaq or divorce is strongly destined within Islam.
  • In case a obscurities within a marriage that the husband and wife cannot resolve by themselves, each shall choose an conciliator or arbitrator to resolve the matter. 
  • ( 4:35): "If the fear Shiqaq (breach) between the Twain, appoint (two) arbiters, one from his family and other from hers, if they wish for peace, ALLAH will cause their reconciliation."
  • TALAQ-UL-BIDDAT or triple TALAQ: It is important to understand that the word "biddat" itself means disapproval or something the prophet never did or recommended.
  • Caliph Umer legitimized this form of divorce as an emergency measure.
  • Most Muslims believe that there shall be an interval of one month between each "taliq" pronouncement. If the during these pronouncements, the wife disobeys the lawful order of her husband, he may divorce her. During this time of breach they should take measures to reconcile by themselves or with the help of their relatives etc. All efforts as provided in the Qur'an and Sunna should be made to avoid a breach of the marriage.

I anticipate that people of the Islamic belief will discover from the above article on divorce and become aware of the contentious observe within Muslim marriages of the triple announcement of Talaq at one event which I believe is Un-Islamic and Un-Qur'anic. Avoiding that practice will create proper respect, honor and adoption of the Holy Qur'an  and Sunna (Observing the path) of Prophet Mohammad. 

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