We principally aim at precautionary legal actions for all our clients which will avoid high litigation costs and will give a solid scope in the process of corrective legal measures which goes on in the court. Our singularly focused approach towards any legal matter is to get fast decision to the matter in actual fact without compromising the client’s interest in the least. We are practical and understand the value of a clientele’s time and money.

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14 years of dedication to serving in this field, right now warrant us to be called ‘experts’ in this field like no other. WE have a Special team exclusively for NRI issue handling. Client can utilize our free consultation, so we assure that the solution we offer is time tested and have been successfully resolved by our team more than once. It’s not just a law firm which generally restricts itself to only work inside the court but we have a team of document specialist is always working with legal team to effectively support them in gathering evidence and fact finding on behalf of the clients in all legal matters.

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Our pranav law firm has experienced & talented lawyers and best in class of technology and software for dealing NRI clients. 1. Client can reach us in any route i.e website, direct call to 9443437736 or visit our office. 2. Get the case details from the client and share you the review report. 3. The report includes the further legal processes and fee details. 4. Based on your acceptance we proceed your case further. 5. For NRI clients, we have online case management system achieves complete information for each client and any time you can get case details and regular updates and progress reports are provided every client.

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Our Pranav Law Firm was established by Lr.M.G.Vishnu who is the Chief Advocate, Here into this service from 2002. Our purpose since our set up has been to offer a proactive, responsive and hassle free legal services to Indians and overseas Indians. He is a motivated, dedicated and an experienced lawyer working with the target of making our law firm as one of the best law firm in India. Our law firm has earned a good will of Local and International circles. The firm has its head office at Coimbatore and Related Workplaces in significant state capitals. The firm additionally has a working association with numerous worldwide law firms. Since its beginning, it continues to serve a different clientele, including domestic and overseas corporations, multinational companies and individuals.

Our Pranav Law firm is assured to provide client focused legal and business advisory services. Our bondage with client will always be ever-cherishing, your case is our new born baby likewise we treat your needs with utmost care and ensures your satisfaction.  We deal with Civil Law, Property Law, Criminal Law, Legal Opinions, Sub Registrar Office Documentations, Divorce & Family Law, Mutual Consent, Restitution and conjugal rights, Documentation and legal opinions, Legal notice and conciliation related law, Motor accident claims law, Real estate law, Stamp duties related law, contract law, Arbitration and Corporate Law, Will and Trusts related law, M.C.O.P,  H.M.O.P,  R.C.O.P,  L.A.O.P,  G.W.O.P &  S.O.P. related law and Specialist in NRI cases.

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Traffic Ramasamy set his sights on city rly junction parking rates

Coimbatore: After years of taking on parking issues, hoardings and illegal buildings in Chennai, social activist ‘traffic’ Ramasamy has now decided to turn his attention on parking charges at the Coimbatore Junction. Echoing thoughts of thousands of commuters who flock to the junction daily, Ramasamy said parking charges for both four and two-wheelers in the station were extremely high. While regular commuters agree that parking charges at the railway station are high, the railway authorities say the charges have been fixed taking into account long term inflation.
Ramasamy, who reached the city on Monday, immediately went around the front entrance parking lot, back entrance parking lot and the multi-level two-wheeler parking behind the station. He was seen demanding to meet the contractor and to see the bill books too. “I decided to visit the station after a YouTube video surfaced where a person based in United States said he was charged a high price for parking,” said Ramasamy.

The activist termed the junction’s system of charging Rs 50 minimum for a car parking in the front entrance but charging Rs 25 for a car parking in the back entrance “illegal”. “How can a railway station have different parking charges for different parts of their own compound?” he asked. “Also a minimum charge of Rs 50 for a car park, inside a public space run by the government, is extremely high. A railway station which sees so many customers should provide free car parking,” he said.

Regarding the newly launched two-wheeler car park, which on its notice board say that it costs a minimum of Rs 10 and goes upto Rs 25 for 24 hours for a two-wheeler, it standardly charges only Rs 20 to every customer. “I don’t think they have given Rs 10 coupons to anyone. The contractor refused to show his bill book when I tried getting proof,” said Ramasamy.

Though the YouTube video is dated, many commuters who watched the activist on local news channels welcomed him for picking up the parking issue. “Rs 50 to park a car even for 15 minutes in a government compound, which sees so many middle class and lower middle class people, is extremely high. Its higher than what malls and multiplexes in the city charge even on a weekend or public holiday,” said T Rammohan, a businessman and regular train commuter.

The Salem railway division spokesperson said they had not received any complaints of the contractor overcharging passengers or users so far. “We have erected the rate chart boards on every storey along with a complaint number. We have not received any complaints and thus are sure that there is no issue,”.

“Our parking charges unlike private concerns can not be revised yearly. We sometimes issue three or five year contracts, where we can’t change the rates in between. So it is fixed keeping in mind long term inflation,” said a former commercial manager.

Ref : Times of India |

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