TNAU sets up oxygen park of bamboo species

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Coimbatore: Scientists of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University have bred and planted a specific bamboo species, ‘Beema Bamboo’, which is believed to be one of the fastest growing plants on earth. The species grows at a rate of one-and-half feet a day under the tropical conditions and has a capacity to produce 300kg of oxygen and absorb 400kg of carbon per year after its full growth.

The students and scientists of the university, along with members of Dalhousie University in Canada, established ‘oxgyen park’ by planting around 590 seedlings of the species across 1.45 acre in TNAU’s eastern farm block.

Scientists say Beema Bamboo is known to be an effective carbon sink for the CO2 emissions in the district. “Proper silviculture procedures like additional plant growth promoting bacteria, vermicompost, farmyard manure and bio-control agents were added while preparing the pits for planting, so these seedlings have the best chance of survival and fast growth,” said a university statement.

A bamboo tree when grown fully can generate about 300kg of oxygen a year, which is enough for a person for a year.

Agronomy director V Geethalakshmi organized the event and former principal chief conservator of forests S Balaji inaugurated it.

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