NRI Property Management

NRI Property Management

We are doing property management and real estate service for NRI clients. To avoid property disputes, learn property management. Property management is the administration or management of property. We have property managers who manage your properties from single home to large apartments.

Mainly the service includes,

Rent: Our property manager is responsible for setting rents, collecting and adjusting rents.

Tenants:  It’s a Primary responsibility of our property manager. They find a tenant, screening the tenant, Handling Leases, Complaints, vacation process, Handling Security Deposits, Terminate a lease, Evict a tenant.

The main benefit of property management is our property manager act on behalf of owner to preserve the value of the asset while generating income. Also NRIs no need to travel back and forth to India.

  1. Find a buyer/seller.
  2. Find a suitable property as per client’s requirement.
  3. Establishing title to the property.
  4. Ensuring that all documents are properly executed and delivered.
  5. Preparing & evaluating all the documents necessary to complete a transaction efficiently & correctly.
  6. Negotiating, drafting and reviewing sale and purchase agreements.
  7. A through physical inspection of the property in order to negotiate a better purchase price.
  8. Representation before various authorities such as Sub Divisional Magistrate, Sub Registrar, Courts etc.
  9. Repatriation advice, tax advice and any other compliance advice.